Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Series for Mans

They have "Sex and the cities", "Desperate Housewifes", "Gossip Girl" and lot of same kind of series. But don't worry my friends :) I made a long time search for you and found out two best "Manly" series.

"Californication" and "Entourage"

Since 2004 i'm following Entourage and it's most coolest and funniest ever made (of course it's my opinion). The serie is about a rookie movie star (Vincent Chase), who made success with an "Mentos" commercial and find out by an agent (Ari Gold).
Ofcourse it's a ordinary story until here but if he brings his brother and two best friend with!! One last thing; almost impossible to see ugly girls in the serie :)

I'm watched yesterday first episode of Californication. Head character (Hank Moody) have better performance for sure than his ex-serie "X-Files". The serie is about a playboy writer, his ex-wife and his daughter. Amazing first episode but i have to watch more to comment about it..

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