Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm not used to do such kind of things but i want to share my experiences from Baku and sometimes i'll write about my feelings maybe :)
For strangers; i was living in Istanbul with my best friend since long time. But i had to quit my ex-company and my new company sended me to Baku / Azerbaijan as a head of logistic department. The company is Turkey based but they have projects in Caspian area.
Anyway, it seems like i will be in Baku for 3-4 years.
12.01.2009 will be my first day there. We will see what kind of things waiting me :) Let's start...

PS: Sometimes my posts could be in Turkish or German. Ask me if you are really curious, otherwise let go...

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Anonymous said...

I am really wondering what kind of differences you gonna face off. Georgia's and other Caucasian countries culteres are always be a different for me. It will be good to learn some really different traditions and culturel things about there. I wish you the best for your time in Georgia. Please dont hesitate to share your all exciting(!) experiences to us.
Take care buddy,